The DNA Labs on the Road establish a bridge between education and the latest scientific insights. Under the leadership of Wageningen University, they are developed by Dutch universities and economic centres. Research assistants from six universities, namely Delft, Leiden, Nijmegen, Amsterdam, Utrecht and Wageningen, use these labs to expose pupils in the upper forms of advanced secondary education to various perspectives of DNA research.

In the laboratories, pupils carry out practical experiments using advanced technologies that are generally not available at schools. The six different subjects each provide fascinating insight into how knowledge of the molecules in a cell plays a major role in society. And it shows that scientific progress raises social questions. Each of the DNA Labs is supported by teaching material on the social context of DNA research. This class is given by the school teachers.

CSG coordinated and financed the DNA Labs on the Road until 2013. In 2011, the DNA Labs on the Road won the NGI Valorization Award of €1 million, which was awarded to the Centre for BioSystems Genomics of Wageningen University as the founder of the first DNA Lab. With this funding, the Labs will continue to visit schools at least until June 2015. The management of the DNA Labs is transferred to the Plant Sciences Group of Wageningen University.